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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00 9 Kusenla Rd, Lekki Penninsula II 100001, Lekki +234 0909 000 0231

By using our platform and all it’s provided services, you agree to the set of information listed below and choose to adhere to them.


Our policy has been started here and it also governs your privacy as you make use of this site.


The content we have on TinnyMafia starting from text on merchandises, graphics as well as logo are copyrighted. Some cloth materials are also copyrighted except those that were bought from an external company. Therefore, they are all covered by the Nigerian copyright law.


Though having a TinnyMafia account is not compulsory, you will need it to perform certain functions on the site. You are totally responsible for safeguarding your login information and password, and you are advised to keep them personal to just you in other to keeping your account non-compromised.

We do not attend to under 18 buyers except they are under adult supervision and we will ignore any future problem they encounter after using the site be it illegal activities (purchases.)

Limiting Access

We retain the right a user’s access to TinnyMafia due to misconduct of platform errors. We also retain the right to permanently suspend a users account. Therefore we solely advise every purchases or interaction on the site to be perfectly moderate so as to stop any of this from occurring.

Comments and Reviews

A user is allowed to drop comments and reviews of unrestricted number as long as those contents comply to the policy of other users and not illegal, threatening or infringing of other people right (including public).

Copyright Complaints

We respect our own right, and since respect is reciprocal, we respect your own reserved right too. If you feel any of your rights has been breached on our site, reach us at and we can start the discussion there.

Returns and Refunds

TinnyMafia does not take returns on the basis of customer mistake. So, unless the product is damaged or our robots made a programmatical mistake of sending the wrong product, we will overlook any returns. Refunds too are attached to this rules.


There is two main type of prices that can be attached to a product. “Regular price” is a term giving to product stating the normal price of a product while “Sale price” is the current price the product is going for. The “Sale price” could either be higher or lower than the “Regular price” based on the current circumstances which might be Holiday seasons.

The “Regular price” is also liable to change due time which might be relating to the cost of production.